Visiting Portland's "Artsy" Neighborhoods
That is, neighborhoods which are a product of a special urban life-cycle:
First, an established neighborhood becomes run down due to various factors, then artists move in because it's cheap. If enough of them move in, all the artistic activity makes it fashionable and fashionable neighborhoods are expensive. So the artists move on to a cheaper neighborhood, and the cycle starts over again.

For whatever reason, Portland has a number of these creative hot spots. If you are visiting Portland and have the time, you owe it to yourself to see some of them for yourself.

Northwest Portland is the oldest of these and is now far too pricey for a starving artist. It is, however, the easiest one to get to from downtown and, 21st and 23rd aves especially, can be worth a visit. Also on the West side is the Pearl District which is more a designer neighborhood than an artsy one but I'll list it here.

The others are all on the east side of the Willamette river and, in order of their age, are Hawthorne-Belmont, Alberta, Sellwood-Westmoreland and Mississippi Ave.

Of course Portland has many other neighborhoods and they all have at least a few artists, cute shops and good restaurants but this is a list of those that have a high enough concentration of these things to make them a worthwhile destination.

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